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Filled Glass

Filled Glass

Filled Glass



Filled Glass is a fun and mentally challenging game where you are in charge of a glass cup, and your task is to fill this cup with water.

To become the greatest player, complete tasks, break records, and pass levels. You have to satisfy a glass's deepest cravings by filling it with tiny, multicolored balls until you reach a precise mark—neither higher nor lower. Play Filled Glass to demonstrate your analytical skills and focus. Balls will begin to sprinkle from the spot you click on, which is often in the higher portion of the playing surface. You will be delighted by the vibrant sound and simple graphics.

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How To Play

  • In each batch, you will be given a certain amount of water and a glass cup. You need to combine ice cubes of different sizes to pour water into the cup so that the water in the cup reaches its full level.
  • Consider each move to avoid overflowing and losing points. You are scored based on how accurately and efficiently you fill the cup.
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