Toy Match 2

Toy Match 2

Toy Match 2

Toy Match 2



In Toy Match 2, players play match-3 puzzles. A player helps a young boy match and collect star, animal, flower, and butterfly toy blocks. This is done on a dirt path through a landscape filled with giant toys.

The match-3 toys will appear on floating boards suspended over green grass. They can be placed in columns or rows. To remove toys from a board, the player must link lines consisting of at least three identical toys. In order to win levels, the girl assigns each child the responsibility to remove a specified number of toys. Boosters can help the player remove toys more quickly.

Toy Match 2 allows the player to use a variety of boosters, such as multiple line and cross blasts or a swap booster. Mixing boosters or matching multiple toys can create different boosters. Toy Match 2 awards them cash and stars. They may use their earnings to buy boosters. They may also find coins and boosters in the form of treasure chests or gifts.

How To Play

Use mouse to play!

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