Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja lets you step into the Ninja world. Your mission is to slice and swipe as many fruits as possible to get a high score.

Avoid cutting any bombs hidden inside the fruits if you want to keep playing. In this thrilling adventure, you can compete in epic fruit-cutting bouts against friends, obtain new blades, backgrounds, and power-ups, or strive for the best score imaginable. The mesmerizing graphics and captivating sound effects featuring sliced fruits will keep you spellbound for hours. Despite its easy-to-pick-up and play mechanics, the game's sluggish escalation in difficulty guarantees a constant challenge. Whether your goal is to get first place on the leaderboards or just to have fun, this game will provide hours of delicious amusement. Prepare to cut, mince, and julienne with ease!

How To Play

  • A menu screen with numerous settings will appear after the game loads. Select "Play" by tapping or clicking to begin a new game. 
  • Slicing as many fruits as possible while dodging explosions is your goal. If you can slice fruit without damaging it, you'll gain points.

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