Candy Match

Candy Match

Candy Match

Candy Match



Candy Match is a game where you can learn the basics of the game from a cute cat. Match three candy candies to get points. You'll have a lot of fun if you match more candies. As you move through the many themed stages, you will earn goodies.

The music is captivating and the colors are stunning! You can also make better moves by using candy match. Explore the sweet world and eliminate all candy from the board. The game becomes more difficult as more candies are lost. Puzzles add excitement to the game as you try to break all the candies to earn three stars. You will be hooked quickly with the vivid visuals and candy popping! This arcade game is so catchy and vivid that you will lose track of time! Are you feeling stuck? You don't have to worry about it, the game will give you suggestions on how to move next by highlighting candy with possible matches. These instructions can eat up your movement and could not be the best, so be careful. Candy Match is a puzzle where you have to move and exchange candy in order for them explode. It's beautiful and so delightful! You can move up and down, or left to right.

How To Play

  • Mouse = Navigate
  • Mouse Left = Select, Interact
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