Candy Revolution

Candy Revolution

Candy Revolution

Candy Revolution



Candy Revolution is a fun game where players participate in the candy revolution. This game takes you into a colorful and sweet world.

To help you advance your abilities and take on new challenges, the Candy Revolution game offers you a wide variety of candies and tough stages that range from easy to difficult. It is your task to assist the candies in escaping the evil candy's control and bringing harmony back to the candy realm. In addition to earning points, special sweets will give you incentives and support to get through challenging stages. Play Candy Revolution now to be set for an entertaining revolution of candies! Remember to play this game with your friends so you can all enjoy the challenges and excitement of this world of sugary candies. I hope Candy Revolution brings you many hours of enjoyment and pleasure!

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How To Play

  • You need to combine candies of the same color together to make them disappear and earn points. 
  • Choose carefully and calculate in advance to create candy lines and get lots of scores.
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