Chicken Egg Challenge

Chicken Egg Challenge

Chicken Egg Challenge

Chicken Egg Challenge



Chicken Egg Challenge players play the role of a chicken farmer; their task is to collect chicken eggs to earn the highest score possible.

The game's visual style and sound design work together to immerse players in a realistic and compelling universe. Each egg falls from the top of the screen, and players must swiftly and deftly traverse the screen to collect it. Due to the numerous obstacles and challenges that can arise, egg collection is difficult. occurs in-game. To prevent the egg from collapsing or being destroyed, the player must avoid obstacles such as Santa Claus, penguins, and weeds. The player has a limited amount of time to complete each level, making time an essential factor in the game. Due to the game's diverse difficulty settings, the gameplay is both more challenging and rewarding. Players can compete against one another for the highest score, or they can participate in online tournaments to determine who has the highest score overall.

How To Play

The control keys will be used to move, jump, kick, and conduct other offensive and defensive actions.

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