Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2



Cursed Treasure 2 is a defense game takes you on an epic adventure, where you must protect your precious gems from relentless enemies.

In an exciting adventure, your magical gems from other worlds will help you unravel the workings of the mystery country. Here's your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to erect truly remarkable structures alongside major thoroughfares. Each tower will offer its own special allure and be formidable enough to defeat even the most courageous heroes. Learn the renowned monarch's thoughts on these precious gems. Most importantly, safeguard your diamonds against brazen heroes. To protect your possessions, you must engage in conflict. Cursed Treasure 2 is an entertaining tower defense game where you can choose to embrace the night. The vigilantes are after them because of an oversight. Put your orc, vampire, and zombie training to good use. Using your nasty soldiers, turrets, defenses, beverages, and spells, you may easily defeat your foes.

How To Play

Start the game and do as instructed.

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