Destroy Figures

Destroy Figures

Destroy Figures

Destroy Figures



Destroy Figures is a fun and tense game where players will have to use strategy and calculation to destroy blocks. Let's play now!

Groups of forms can be found in a row or column together. To earn more points, carefully calculate and select the largest groups of cubes that you can. When there is no more way to destroy the cube, the game is over. This game is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fantastic fun, thanks to its stunning graphics and vibrant sound. Let's see how good you are at breaking through obstacles, finishing challenging levels, and getting the best score. I hope you like playing Destroy Figures as much as I do!

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How To Play

  • The game screen will display a board with rows and columns of shapes.
  • Your task is to find and select adjacent groups of blocks of the same color and when selected, they will disappear.
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