Don't Touch The Stones

Don't Touch The Stones

Don't Touch The Stones

Don't Touch The Stones



Dont Touch the Stones is an interesting puzzle game where players will face the difficult challenge of not touching the stones.

Using clever movement to keep the character from touching the stones is the aim of the game. Take care to measure the distance precisely so as not to step on any fixed or movable stones. The game promises to provide hours of refreshing amusement because of its lovely graphics and user-friendly UI. If any stone is touched, the game is over. Aim for the top score and break records. In the game Don't Touch the Stones, get ready to test your mettle and prove your abilities. This game will provide a ton of enjoyable moments with its straightforward but addictive gameplay and stunning graphics!

How To Play

Use the navigation keys (or touch button on the screen) to move the character horizontally or vertically.

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