Farm Hero

Farm Hero

Farm Hero

Farm Hero



Farm Hero is a very good brain-training game. There are animals separated who need you. Let's help them find each other.

Listen to the heartbreaking account of a disaster that destroyed a farm. Watch in awe as water's transformational power brings about a condition of stunning dispersion for the animal kingdom. Feel the chill of terror as they brave the perilous depths, fighting for their lives. Use your formidable analytical skills for a good cause and help free the lovely creatures that inhabit our planet. Put your creative energy into guiding these wonderful beings into the shapes that have been prepared for them. Don your thinking cap and help these animals gain their freedom by solving complex challenges. Jump at the chance to prove yourself and become the savior these animals have been waiting for. They need to have their chains broken so that they can begin their journey to freedom.

How To Play

Use the mouse to move the animal in the direction you want.

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