Flappy Superhero Dunk

Flappy Superhero Dunk

Flappy Superhero Dunk

Flappy Superhero Dunk



Flappy Superhero Dunk is a nice game where you take on the role of a superhero with the ability to fly and score points by creating scoring

Avoid obstacles such as Pepi columns. For every barrier you face, you will lose one life. Get additional goods to raise your score. In this game, preventing the stones from clashing is your objective. Control your owl so that it avoids the stones. Leap over and past them to increase your scoring chances. Give it your all and aim to surpass your own and your peers' records. You can get points by using your falls from the hammock to make scoring runs.

How To Play

Tap the screen to keep the hero flying. Remember to keep the timing right to achieve a balance between rising and falling.

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