Flying Easter Bunny

Flying Easter Bunny

Flying Easter Bunny

Flying Easter Bunny



Flying Easter Bunny is a testament to the creativity of the clicker game genre. With each level, the game becomes more thrilling. Play now!

Gather as many eggs as you can because they contain incredible bonuses. Using these optional items will allow you to soar to new heights and rack up more points. introducing new assignments and providing incentives for finding certain Easter eggs. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the game has a beautiful aesthetic, fun gameplay, and a lovable protagonist who will steal your heart. This game will definitely become a hit with players because it provides endless fun and has a beautiful Easter theme. You should definitely keep an eye out for its upcoming release because it has a good chance of becoming a cherished part of your gaming collection.

How To Play

To control the Rabbit to fly, press the Space button (or up arrow key on the keyboard). The Rabbit will fly higher. Press and hold the Space button to make the Rabbit fly further.

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