Impostor Game Console

Impostor Game Console

Impostor Game Console

Impostor Game Console



Impostor Game Console is an exciting simulation game where you will play the role of a mysterious character on a space station.

In this game, you'll enjoy an experience similar to that of the popular Among Us game. In Impostor Game Console, you must complete missions and identify the impostor inside the gang. Explore the station, interact with objects, and gather information to figure out who the impostor is. The plot of the game is intricate, and you'll need to utilize your brain to solve riddles and track down enemies. Be wary; impostors might strike at any time. With breathtaking visuals and fascinating gameplay, Impostor Game Console offers a dramatic and tough simulation experience. Prove your detective skills by identifying the impostor and putting an end to the threat to the space station.

How To Play

  • Arrow key to move the character.
  • Pay attention to the traps around you.
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