Jewel Treasure

Jewel Treasure

Jewel Treasure

Jewel Treasure



Jewel Treasure is a match-3 gem-swapping game that takes you through Ancient Egypt. The player must find rune-etched gemstones while exploring the region's ruins, dunes, and caves.

Jewel Treasure features a simple board and common match-3 gameplay across two modes:

The Level mode allows the player to follow a route through the desert that crosses more than 100 levels. Players must match three or more gems in a horizontal or vertical row to complete a level. To help players monitor their progress, they will receive a green tick when they achieve their objectives.

They also have endless mode. They must score as many points as they can before the timer runs out to win. They can try to beat the score they have previously achieved if they fail.

Either mode allows the player to glide additional gemstones down the field as they clear a row. These will replace any holes. New matches are also automatically cleared by the game.

How To Play

  • Mouse: To match three or more gems in a row, click and drag the third matching gem in the direction of the non-matching one.
  • Mobile: To match gemstones, touch and drag the third gem with the tip of a finger or stylus pen in the direction of the non-matching one.
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