Lucky Golden Piggies

Lucky Golden Piggies

Lucky Golden Piggies

Lucky Golden Piggies



Lucky Golden Piggies is an entertaining game where you have the opportunity to become a pig farmer and explore exciting farm life.

Pigs can be combined along the route to generate higher-value pigs that offer additional benefits. In order to produce different kinds of animals and boost farm revenue, you can also expand your farm. There are countless chances to succeed and make money. You can sell pigs and agricultural goods for cash, or you can play minigames every day to win sweet prizes. You can purchase new stations, expand your farm, and discover new areas with that money. Pigs need to be raised with love, given food, their health taken care of, and a cozy place to live provided.

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How To Play

You will start with an empty farm and some money to buy the necessary pigs and equipment. Your mission is to increase the value of your farm by building houses, farms, fences and other areas to take care of your pigs.

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