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Narrow One

Narrow One



Narrow One allows you to play as a first-person multiplayer archery shooter and compete with players from around the world in epic capture–the-flag matches. This game is free and offers lots of action. You can compete in team battles with other players to determine who has the best aim using bows and arrows to eliminate them.

You can capture the flag that is not yours and bring it to yours for a point. To defeat your foes, you must shoot like a skilled archer and defend the person holding the enemy's flag. You can also kill the one who holds yours to return it. There are many crossbows, bows, and other weapons to choose from. Choose your favorite and let's start the battle. Enjoy!

How To Play

  • Run and strafe with the WASD keys
  • Jump by pressing the Spacebar
  • Look around by moving the mouse cursor
  • Click and hold to aim, release to shoot
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