Paco Paco

Paco Paco

Paco Paco

Paco Paco



Paco Paco is an exciting adventure with a lovely ball. With pixel graphics, you will be able to explore countless unpredictable mysteries.

It goes on a journey to other realms to try to remember things and learn new things. In order for the ball to travel to these worlds, it is necessary for it to go through the wormhole in space. At the beginning of the story, a ball pretends to be an astronaut and travel to a faraway planet. Because of the terrible occurrence that happened to it, it has forgotten everything, and this is a negative thing. When the ball tries to find the planets, where more instructions are waiting, you'll have to help it get through dangerous terrain. In this tunnel, it will come up against a great number of hazardous hazards, such as tiles that are unstable and gaps of varying sizes.

How To Play

  • PC: To jump, press the up arrow key. To go left or right, use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.
  • MOBILE: Press the up arrow to make a jump. To go left or right, tap the left or right arrows on the screen.

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