Rublox Space Farm

Rublox Space Farm

Rublox Space Farm

Rublox Space Farm



Space Farm on Roblox gives players a cool and challenging farming experience. Join now and build your farm into a real kingdom in space!

Players will be sent to a far-off planet in space and given the role of an alien farmer in the game. It is your goal to establish, grow, and run your farm in order to provide marketable agricultural goods. You'll be brought to a barren area as soon as you launch the game. Explore the available features and tools by taking a look around. Learn how to trade with other players to add to your portfolio of crops and animals. Play games and engage in activities with friends to build your own community. As you advance through the game, your farm will receive upgrades and new levels. Unlock new machinery and tools to improve farm management.

How To Play

  • Use in-game tools to build structures, such as barns, farms, greenhouses and more.
  • Upgrade your farm to accept and care for more types of animals and crops.

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