Save My Pumpkin

Save My Pumpkin

Save My Pumpkin

Save My Pumpkin



Save My Pumpkin is a puzzle game that is no longer strange. This game's difficulty attracts players. Play to see how big your brain is.

Your mission in this game is going to be really simple to figure out. How do you tell the difference between two photographs that are almost exactly the same? The moment you click on them, they will be annihilated immediately. Continue in this manner until you have used all of your shine and have won the game. The game features a significant number of difficult levels. Make an attempt to get over it. At this very moment, you have access to a large range of challenges to choose from. To test your drawing skills and create key resistances around the pumpkin, all you need to do is be careful and quick, because it is in great danger. Ready to save the spooky? Then let’s start!

How To Play

Click two similar pictures to exclude

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