Virus Crasher

Virus Crasher

Virus Crasher

Virus Crasher



Virus Crasher requires your agility, reflexes, and fighting skills. You will have to overcome different levels and face tough challenges.

Prepare yourself for this exhilarating journey and demonstrate your warrior prowess in Virus Crasher! Assist the monster in surviving, use the tap or slash method to eliminate numerous mutated viruses, achieve your greatest score, and have fun with the game. safeguard the planet from the virus's threat. As a formidable robot warrior in the game, your job is to defend the planet from viruses that are threatening it. This is an extremely ideal game for you to relax yourself. Have fun times with friends.

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How To Play

  1. Use the arrow keys or movement buttons on the screen to control the robot warrior.
  2. Destroy all viruses using weapons in hand.
  3. In cases of difficulty, use support items found along the way. These items can provide temporary power, protection, or increased attack power.
  4. Try to destroy as many viruses as possible as quickly as possible to get a high score.
  5. Avoid contact with viruses or other dangerous objects to avoid losing points or lives.
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