Candy Shop Merge

Candy Shop Merge

Candy Shop Merge

Candy Shop Merge



Candy Shop Merge is a fun game where you are the owner of a candy store, and your task is to merge similar objects to create new candies.

The workbench of your candy business, which is filled with a variety of candies, is what you see when the game first launches. To combine candies of the same hue, simply drag and drop them together. To create a new sweet, combine at least three identical candies of the same hue. For instance, placing two candies close to one another creates a new candy with a greater value. A new confection you make will have a better value and will give you more points. You can unlock new stages and more exclusive candies the higher your score is. Be mindful of your energy. Your energy drops a little each time you drag and combine candies. Merge "copy" candies with each other to boost energy. You lose when your energy runs out.

How To Play

Merge at least 3 identical candies of the same color to form a new candy, for example, two candies next to each other form a new candy of higher value.

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